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Until Our Next wineFestival

Icewine in Niagara Falls Winery Signup Information

stay tuned for 2017 information!


Scotiabank Convention Center • January 23-25/15
FRI 6:00PM - 11:00PM  SAT 2:00PM - 11:00PM  SUN NOON - 5:00PM


Pre-event set up can take place between 3:30pm - 10pm on Thursday, January 22 or beginning at 9am on Friday, January 23. Stations must be completely set up and ready for service at least 30 minutes before the event opens daily.

Wine can be loaded into Scotiabank Convention Centre via the west side foyer doors. Unload your wine and décor and then park in the general lot. Please try to keep the parking spaces closest to the building for guests. Wine MUST be checked into the inventory room with Event Staff near the west foyer entrance.

We will provide a purchase order no later than Tuesday, January 13 and ask that the table wines are valued $15.95 to $18.95 including deposit and plus levy per bottle and Icewine to be valued at less than $40.00 per 375ml bottle.

We will reconcile the purchase order for all used product and ask you to invoice no later than Monday, February 2, 2015

Please provide a list of the products and their retail prices no later than Monday, January 5, 2015

  • Please include all necessary paperwork with your product. The SOP number will be provided with the purchase order
  • At the close of the event, open bottles of wine will be collected by Festival staff
  • You will be provided with one six foot table and will be dressed with white linen
  • Tables are assigned on a first come first serve basis
  • You will need to provide your own décor, spittoons, water jug, signage and chilling container
  • One large bag of ice will be provided
  • Please be ready to pour at 5:30pm


Wineries will be provided with a ticket vessel. The ticket system is the same as the Niagara Wine Festival. Tasting samples are 2 ounce (1 ticket) or 4 ounce (2 Tickets). Icewines should be priced at 2 tickets for a 1 ounce pour and 4 tickets for a 2 ounce pour.


  1. The Great White Entertainment Group Inc. (GWE) endeavours to offer guests an opportunity to enjoy Ontario Wine.
  2. We promote and observe the Smart Serve responsible alcohol service training program.
  3. Any person serving alcohol under the provision of our Special Occasion Permit may ask any patron for photo identification prior to service. Only government issued photo id is acceptable i.e. a driver’s license, or passport.
  4. Any person observed by Festival or security staff to be consuming alcohol may be asked to provide photo identification. This is a 19 years+ event. Minors are not permitted entry to the event.
  5. Patrons must consume alcohol only in the licensed area of the Scotiabank Convention Centre.
  6. Our Special Occasion Permit allows the sale of wine products for consumption on the site only.
  7. All participants must enforce the Smart Serve guidelines. Patrons who appear to be impaired will be refused service.
  8. GWE encourages the use of designated drivers or the WEGO transit system.
  9. Food goes well with wine. Excellent selections of food are readily available in the licensed area.
  10. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly.
  11. Staff and Volunteers are not permitted to consume alcohol while on duty.
  12. No persons other than those working or regulatory officials may be behind any service area.
  13. No one may consume alcohol from behind a service area.

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