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Wine Festival Restaurant Confirmation Form

The Niagara Wine Festival invites you to submit your application for consideration in one of the Region’s fastest growing wine and culinary extravaganzas, the Montebello Park Wine and Dine area.

This program is a ‘taste’ event featuring local foods and VQA wines served in sample size portions at sample size prices. Your customers can taste a variety of delicacies from your menu while enjoying a fabulous array of free entertainment including main stage concerts and family activities.

Montebello Park, a gorgeous historic park in downtown St. Catharines, is the host location. This beautiful outdoor setting offers an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for the whole family.


Montebello Park Hours

September 16-18, 23-25, 2016
Fridays 5pm-10:30pm, Saturdays 11am-10:30pm, Sundays 12pm-8pm.

Registration Fees

Please complete the registration form and submit to the Niagara Wine Festival Office. Location of food vendors will be decided by the Executive Director. A $500 deposit is required with application and will be refunded at end of Festival. Tokens are valued at $3.25 each (58% vendor, 42% Festival split). BBQ rental fee of 2% will apply if BBQ requested.

Menu Agreement


In an effort to encourage menu diversity, the Niagara Wine Festival will offer Niagara based restaurants menu item exclusivity when it appears to be duplication. Returning culinary partners have first right of refusal. Due to limited availability and an overwhelming demand to participate, the Festival introduced selection criteria for all new applicants. This process ensures that all applications are treated with the same level of fairness and are accepted or denied on a specific scoring system. Participants are required to list planned menu items and prices. Menus are subject to approval of the Niagara Wine Festival.

Culinary applicants are encouraged to partner with participating wineries (contact Festival office for a list of participating wineries).

A participant may serve a maximum of three food items. Prices are $3.25, $6.50 and $9.75. Each token represents a value of 58% to the vendor and 42% to the Festival to offset administrative and infrastructure costs. The menu agreement section of this registration form must be completed to be considered valid.

Once your application is accepted, the Festival will confirm what equipment will be provided. All Festival-issued equipment must remain on-site at all times. The Festival will accept applications until July 22, 2016. Successful applicants will be notified via email no later than July 29th, 2016.

  1. The Festival will provide a BBQ by request only (A 2% service fee will be adjusted to assist with the rental costs). Propane tanks will be refilled daily and a small charge will apply for additional fuel.
  2. Restaurants/Wineries must not accept cash; all products must be purchased with Festival issued tokens.
  3. Prices to be charged will include taxes and the participant is responsible for remitting any pertaining HST on token sales to the government. A report will be provided with your final statement.
  4. Item prices shall remain in effect for the duration of participation and may not be increased or decreased.
  5. Restaurants may serve non-alcoholic beverages, but must submit for approval to ensure that they are not competing with Festival sponsors or branding.
  6. Restaurants are not encouraged to use deep fryers and if they choose to, must be courteous of their neighbouring winery partners and keep fryer as far from wine tasting as possible.
  7. No vehicles are permitted in the park. An area will be designated for loading and unloading.
  8. Vendors will remain set up and on-site for the duration of the program according to your participation level.
  9. The Festival will provide a professionally installed tent, signage and flooring.
  10. Limited electricity is available to each vendor. Electrical equipment must meet current regulatory standards and must be requested and approved for use on site by the Festival’s electrical contractor.
  11. All participants will provide the Niagara Wine Festival with a two million dollar certificate of insurance naming the Niagara Wine Festival as an additional insured on the commercial general liability rider of their insurance policy. Consult your insurance agent. The Festival is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods.
  12. Participants may bring modest table top decorations. No decorations in public domain areas, such as branded umbrellas. The Festival will provide in-tent signage. Vendors may not cover or remove festival signage. Vendor signage must be hung at the back of their tent.
  13. Live or recorded music will not be permitted. Entertainment will be produced from designated stage.
  14. Participants will comply with health regulations relating to outdoor food service. Regional Health forms are attached.
  15. Failure to comply with any conditions could result in deductions from revenue share to rectify non-compliance.
  16. All vendors must use designated compost and recycle bins in restaurant area.
  17. All vendors must use Festival distributed compostable plates and cutlery as this is a zero waste event.
  18. Vendors are not permitted to consume alcohol or smoke behind the service area.
  19. Non service staff are not permitted to loiter behind the service area.
  20. Service staff must be 19 years or older.


The Festival Supplies:

  • Marketing and promotion of program
  • Token sales and administration
  • Secure token collection container
  • Professionally installed tents for serving and preparation
  • Overnight security
  • BBQ by request (Plus 2% rental cost and propane charges of $25.00 per tank will apply)
  • Refrigerated storage (Participants will use at own risk and agree to waive all claims against the Niagara Wine Festival relating to refrigeration)
  • Garbage and grease removal (additional charges will apply for waste removal)
  • One bag of ice will be available per day additional bags will be available for $8.00 per bag.
  • Booth flooring
  • Compostable dry goods (Utensils, plates, napkins)

Restaurants Supply:

  • Food products
  • Staff
  • Table decorations
  • Regional Health Permits
  • Liability Forms