Niagara Grape & Wine Festival


There’s no better way to experience Niagara’s beauty than the Discovery Pass.

Grab your pass and begin your adventure today.

Your Discovery Pass entitles you to 8 wine and culinary experiences designed by winemakers and chefs to celebrate the fresh flavours of harvest, redeemable at 8 of 31 participating wineries across Twenty Valley and Niagara-on-the-Lake!

Choose your wine adventure

From the Twenty Valley to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara’s world-renowned wine region is ripe for exploration! Classic cool-climate grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc flourish here, but our region now boasts over 46 thriving varietals across 13,600 acres. Choose your wine adventure with a wine festival Discovery Pass and enjoy carefully curated wine pairings with world-class seasonal cuisine from Niagara’s talented chefs.

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Discovery Pass 101

Make the Most of Your Discovery Pass

Whether you’re a seasoned Discovery Pass professional or a first-timer, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your tour in Niagara.

Do your research!

Over 30 wineries have created special wine and culinary experiences that celebrate the harvest. Take a read through this guide and take a peek at the participating wineries, and mark your favourites.

Plan your route.

Your Discovery Pass is valid for all 6 days, so use the Discovery Pass map to plan a route that leaves you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your experience. Better yet, plan one day in Niagara-on-the-Lake and another in Twenty Valley to get a full taste of Niagara.

Experience the wineries.

After you’ve sipped and savoured the Discovery Pass pairings, give yourself some time to experience the distinct features of each winery. Spend some time sampling new releases at the tasting bar, take in the crisp fall weather on a stroll through the vineyards, or snap some pictures of you and your friends enjoying your Discovery Pass in the vines!

Variety of fun.

Whether you plan your route based on your favourite varietal, stick to wineries you’ve never explored, or search out the best wine and culinary pairing, there are plenty of ways to experience Niagara with your Discovery Pass.

Eight experiences not enough?

No problem! All wineries have Discovery Passes for sale, so you can purchase another and split it with a friend.

Bring home your favourites.

You’re going to love several of the wines that you taste as you make your way through your Discovery Pass, so pick up an empty case from a participating winery and store your purchased wine easily in your vehicle.

Grape & Wine FAQ

How much does it cost?

Discovery Pass tickets are $45 +HST each and include 8 wine and food pairings at participating wineries. Driver’s Discovery Pass tickets are $35 +HST and include 8 culinary pairings with a non-alcoholic beverage sponsored by One80 Brew at participating wineries. Discovery Pass pairings are available for $10 without a Discovery Pass.

Which dates & times are Discovery Pass tickets valid for?

Your Discovery Pass ticket is valid from 11am-5pm during September 14-15, 21-22 or 28-29. So if you’re finding it difficult to reach all 8 wineries in one day, there’s no need to worry as you have five other days available to you!

Where can I buy Discovery Pass tickets?

You can purchase your tickets online or at any participating winery.

Can I share my Discovery Pass?

Each Discovery Pass is loaded with 8 scans - that's 8 food and wine pairings total. This means that you can split the Discovery Pass by bringing along a friend, and enjoy 4 pairings each.

Are there options for people with dietary restrictions?

Most wineries have a vegetarian option. Review the Wine & Food pairings in this guide or online.

Is there anything else to see at the wineries?

Absolutely! As each winery has its own unique features and tours there is always plenty to do and see while you’re visiting on your Discovery Pass. We’ve included a suggestion for each winery to get you started! *Winery experiences may have an additional cost.

What if I need help with my e-ticket?

Our friends at EZ Tix are available 24-7 to lend a hand. Their number is conveniently included on your e-ticket, or in your confirmation email.

Niagara Grape & Wine Festival - Discovery Pass Map

Twenty valley

  • 1. 13th Street Winery
  • 2. Alvento Winery
  • 3. Creekside Estate Winery
  • 4. Fielding Estate Winery
  • 5. Flat Rock Cellars
  • 6. GreenLane Estate Winery
  • 7. Harbour Estates Winery
  • 8. Hernder Estate Wines
  • 9. Kacaba Vineyards ∓ Winery
  • 10. Legends Estates Winery
  • 11. Magnotta Winery
  • 12. Megalomaniac
  • 13. Redstone Winery
  • 14. Ridgepoint Wines
  • 15. Rockway Vineyards
  • 16. Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery
  • 17. Tawse Winery
  • 18. Thirty Bench Wine Makers
  • 19. Vineland Estates Winery


  • 20. Lailey Winery
  • 21. Lakeview Wine Co.
  • 22. Marynissen Estates
  • 23. Niagara College Teaching Winery
  • 24. NOMAD at Hinterbrook Winery
  • 25. Palatine Hills Estate Winery
  • 26. Peller Estates Winery
  • 27. Pillitteri Estates Winery
  • 28. Riverview Cellars Estate Winery
  • 29. Trius Winery
  • 30. Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery
  • 31. Queenston Mile Vineyard


Raise a glass and celebrate the harvest! Our winery partners have carefully crafted delectable wine and food pairings that showcase the best of the season. #VQAeveryday!


13th Street Winery photo

1776 Fourth Avenue

St. Catharines


Celebrate the Fall Harvest with our "Fall off the Bone Gamayzing Pork Riblets"

Enjoy our 2017 Gamay with pork riblets smothered in our Gamayzing, sticky BBQ Sauce and a savoury Apple Carrot Slaw.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Gamay

While you're there ... Grab a glass of wine and delicious bites on the patio, stroll through the sculpture garden or enjoy fresh baked goods in the market.
Alvento Winery photo

3048 Second Avenue

Vineland Station


Journey to the East Wind!

Take your taste buds on a delectable adventure with Ma Chinese Cuisine's specialty Char Siu Bao! The cloud-like steamed bun is stuffed with rich and juicy barbecue pork marinated in their signature sweetened umami rich sauce. This tantalizing morsel is paired with Alvento Winery’s slightly smoky and spiced, yet fruit-forward Baco Noir. Enjoy your pairing in our decorated barrel cellar or out on our scenic patio. Go where your inspiration takes you - go with the wind!

Featured Wine{s)

East Wind 2018

While you're there ... Step back in time and head into their 19th century barn to sample rare wines at the renovated tasting bar.
Creekside Estate Winery photo

2170 Fourth Avenue



Drum Roll Please! BBQ Chicken & Grilled Mushroom Salad

We all know how much Chef Ross loves to rock out but who knew he was this literal? Join our Creek Cru this fall for a rocking food and wine pairing. Try Chef Ross' BBQ rubbed chicken drumstick with grilled mushroom salad and house-made blue cheese dip lovingly paired with our 'NEW' 2017 Red Tractor Cabernet Merlot.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Red Tractor, Cabernet Merlot

While you're there ... Check out one of wine country’s oldest and most unique underground barrel cellars; or lunch like a winemaker on our beautiful covered deck with Chef Ross Midgley.
Fielding Estate Winery photo

4020 Locust Lane



Tacos and new vintages!

We are featuring our newly released 2018 Estate Bottled Riesling and our 2018 Gamay for the red wine lovers. We’re pairing it with a delicious Chicken Santa Fe Taco with Cajun chicken, cheddar, black bean & corn pico, cornbread croutons and buttermilk ranch. Enjoy the wine and food while taking in the spectacular fall views!

Featured Wine{s)

2018 Estate Bottled Riesling, 2018 Gamay

While you're there ... Swing by the lodge and grab a comfortable Muskoka chair by the vines with a glass of wine, artisanal cheese platter and amazing Beamsville Bench views.
Flat Rock Cellars photo

2727 Seventh Avenue



Full stomachs and happy hearts!

Delicious smoked chicken, forest mushroom and goat cheese tarts perfectly showcase this delightfully bright Chardonnay. Help make a difference! A portion of the sales of our feature wine will go to funding Feed Ontario programs to reduce hunger and poverty in Ontario. Be a part of the solution in hopes that everyone will have full stomachs and happy hearts.

Featured Wine{s)

2016 Good Kharma Chardonnay

While you're there ... With 360° vineyard views pulling you in, don’t forget to check out the unique gravity-flow cellar and live music on Saturdays from noon til 4:00pm!
Greenlane Estate Winery photo

3751 King Street



Queen of tartes!

Get ready to lose your heart to our 2018 Chardonnay paired with a Savoury Apple Tarte Tartin. This hand-picked Chardonnay entices with notes of stone fruit and vanilla custard. Our Tarte Tartin is an irresistible combination of apples, brie, thyme and shallots on a French style pastry. A match made in heaven!

Featured Wine{s)

2018 Chardonnay

While you're there ... Stay awhile and sample more of our VQA wines or relax and enjoy autumn in the valley on our vineyard side covered patio.
Harbour Estates Winery photo

4362 Jordan Road



Lemoniciously divine!

Savour the flavour of the zesty lemon filled pie with "sky-high" meringue paired with our 2014 Riesling!

Featured Wine{s)

2014 Riesling

While you're there ... Enjoy a self-guided tour through the vineyards and into the Carolinian forest while learning about winemaking, nature and the history of Harbour Estates Winery.
Hernder Estate Wines photo

1607 Eighth Avenue Louth

St. Catharines


Sip & Slide"r"

Come sip and savour our new 2017 Merlot; medium bodied and easy drinking! Enjoy this popular red alongside our famous, mouth-watering shaved beef slider served with (or without) homemade horseradish. Delish!

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Merlot

While you're there ... Pop into the tasting bar for complimentary wine tastings or call ahead and schedule a complimentary winery tour.
Kacaba Vineyards &Winery photo

3550 King Street



The spectacular sauv & savoury sammy experience

Savour a spectacular match of Kacaba’s 2017 Wismer Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon paired with the culinary stylings of Chef Steve Del Col and Zooma Caters. Enjoy a savoury open-faced sammy piled high with locally cured, shaved Pingue cappicolo, herbed ricotta, and topped with homemade fig & blueberry conserve. Not your ordinary sandwich!

Featured Wine{s)

Wismer Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

While you're there ... Take a seat on the intimate patio and relax as you enjoy impressive views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto Skyline.
Lailey Winery photo

15940 Niagara River Parkway,



Signature Lailey Skewer

Stop by to sample our 2016 Zweigelt paired with sliced mortadella, mozzarella cheese and Italian baguette with fresh cherry tomato on a skewer.

Featured Wine{s)

2016 Zweigelt

While you're there ... Pop by the tasting bar to sample wines made from some of the oldest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines in Niagara.
Lakeview Wine Co. photo

1067 Niagara Stone Road



Chardonn-Yay All Day!

Celebrate the start of the harvest season at Lakeview Wine Co.! Enjoy our delightfully decadent Lakeview Cellars 2017 Barrel Aged Chardonnay paired perfectly with a scrumptious pumpkin risotto, topped with a parmesan chip.

Featured Wine{s)

Lakeview Cellars 2017 Barrel Aged Chardonnay

While you're there ... Become a wine mixologist and learn new ways to appreciate Niagara wine with a Wine Cocktail Mixology tour.
Legends Estates Winery photo

888 Ontario Street North



Placki on the lake

Enjoy our newly released 2018 Small Batch Riesling or our Merlot Reserve paired with an Eastern European traditional Potato Placki (aka pancake) topped with your choice or sour cream or a cranberry and strawberry compote.

Featured Wine{s)

2018 Small Batch Riesling or Merlot Reserve

While you're there ... With several award-winning wines, be sure to head over to the tasting bar during your visit.
Magnotta Winery photo

4701 Ontario Street



What you nourish will grow

The time honoured tradition of the harvest is a joyful time to celebrate the work of the artisans who create our produce. Replenish yourself with all the goodness our region offers by visiting our Beamsville location where we pair our Venture Art of Blending Red and White with a hearty Mexican-style sandwich (choice of barbacoa beef, chicken, or veggie option with beans and avocado).

Featured Wine{s)

Venture Art of Blending Red and White 2017

While you're there ... Book a tour to see Ontario’s first and only Amarone-style VQA Wine Drying Room.
Marynissen Estates photo

1208 Concession 1 Road



Summer Twilight

Reflect on summer's bounty with a Niagara Peach Jam Tartlet topped with honey-whipped Goat Cheese alongside our Gold Series Riesling that will dance across your palate with its ripe apple and citrus.

Featured Wine{s)

2018 Gold Series Riesling

While you're there ... While you’re there... Once you’ve sampled this pairing, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country on our patio, or sip and stroll through the vineyard on our twice daily public tours.
Megalomaniac photo

3930 Cherry Avenue



Sizzling patio fare

Our friends at Country Corner Market in Welland are bringing their famous Tuscany sausage, topped with a sun-dried tomato pesto relish. Paired with Megalomaniac’s Narcissist Riesling and Pompous Red wines, you can enjoy the view from atop the highest point on the Niagara Escarpment.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Narcissist Riesling or 2017 Pompous Red

While you're there ... Sitting atop the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment, make sure you grab a glass of wine and take a seat on the new patio to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.
Niagara College Teaching Winery photo

135 Taylor Road


905-641-2252 ext. 4070

You Had Me at Merlot!

Experience two of the best things Niagara College has to offer - the delicious 2017 Balance Merlot from our award-winning teaching winery paired with homemade barbecue pork and caramelised onion strudel from our award-winning and student chefs at the Benchmark restaurant.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Balance Merlot

While you're there ... Explore the vineyards and winemaking facilities on a tour or take a seat on the new patio and enjoy a glass of wine and a view of the vines.
NOMAD at Hinterbrook Winery photo

1181 Lakeshore Road



Savoury Crab Salad

Simple ingredients around a savoury heart. Refreshing crab salad and a dash of chili oil for heat, paired with a vibrant and flavourful Riesling to keep the summer vibes flowing. Be the Nomad and venture your way in for this unique pairing.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Riesling

While you're there ... Sip some wine while creating your own wine bottle label or share your stories to be included in Hinterbrook’s Storybook.
Palatine Hills Estate Winery photo

911 Lakeshore Road



Pair of Perogies & Pinot

Join us for a duo of locally made, hand-pinched perogies - the first filled with roasted red peppers & goat cheese and the other stuffed with mushrooms, dill, herbs & garlic. Both paired with our newly released 2017 'Wild & Free' Pinot Grigio.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 'Wild & Free' Pinot Grigio

While you're there ... Join a truly unique tour as you explore the vineyards and inspect artifacts from the War of 1812 on your journey.
Peller Estates Winery & Restaurant photo

290 John Street East



Blanc Out At Peller

Take in all the beauty that wine country has to offer while sipping our 2017 Peller Estates Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc paired with Chef Jason Parsons’ perfect Summer Harvest Rice Bowl including Niagara peach, duck confit, heirloom tomato and tarragon rice.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Peller Estates Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

While you're there ... Complete your journey through wine country with a candlelit stroll through the vineyard sipping premium wines on a sunset wine tour.
Pillitteri Estates Winery photo

1696 Niagara Stone Road



A Proud Pairing

Cheers to this Canadian classic! Enjoy a delicious poutine made with fresh cut fries, Quebec cheese curds and thick poutine gravy. Paired perfectly with your choice of our 2017 Team Canada Red or Team Canada White, the official wines of the Canadian Olympic Team.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Team Canada Red & 2017 Team Canada White

While you're there ... Make some time to head down to one of the most unique barrel cellars in Niagara, featuring a 500 inch long monolithic concrete table with 23 stainless steel chairs suspended above it.
Queenston Mile Vineyards photo

963 Queenston Rd


(905) 562-0035

Keep Calm and Curry On

Join us at Niagara’s hottest, new winery for a Fall comfort food pairing that keeps our winemaker’s smiling all the way through vintage each year. Try a bowl of Chef Ross Midgley’s soul-warming lentil and chickpea curry, complimented with Niagara Apple and Cilantro raita. The intense spice of the curry, coupled with the sweetness of the apple help to creates the perfect balance of spice and sweetness that allows our 2017 Mile White to come alive in the glass. No wonder we always find our winemakers hovering over a pot of this delicious curry during harvest season!

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Mile White

While you're there ...
Redstone Winery photo

4245 King Street



Put a Little Spark in Your Heart!

Cheers to Harvest 2019! Let’s celebrate the beginning of harvest with our traditional method Limestone Vineyard Sparkling paired with Chef Sider’s fabulous Butternut Squash Arancini with dipping sauce.

Featured Wine{s)

2016 Limestone Sparkling

While you're there ... Enjoy a glass of biodynamic wine on an expansive patio offering vineyard views or visit the restaurant for a locally inspired menu.
Ridgepoint Wines photo

3900 Cherry Avenue



Slide into fall

Join us for the start of our Harvest with a classic pairing of two competing sliders. Our Team will pair our 2012 Pinot Noir with a Pork Slider topped with cherry onion jam and our 2017 Old Vines Riesling with a Turkey Slider topped with marmalade and tarragon.

Featured Wine{s)

2012 Pinot Noir and 2017 Old Vines Riesling

While you're there ... Grab a bite in the dining room serving seasonal farm-to-table cuisine reflecting the Italian heritage of the owners.
Riverview Cellars Estate Winery photo

15376 Niagara Parkway



Eggplant Parmigiana on the Patio

Enjoy our 2017 Bianco Gewürztraminer-Riesling paired with eggplant parmigiana on focaccia with roasted red peppers and Havarti cheese.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Bianco Gewürztraminer-Riesling

While you're there ... Craving a bit more? Try a winery tour complimented with a cheese and charcuterie board as you relax on the patio overlooking the Niagara River
Rockway Vineyards photo

3290 Ninth Street

St. Catharines


Taste of the Islands

Taste the islands with our Caribbean spiced pulled chicken atop juicy watermelon salsa. Paired perfectly with our lightly spritzed 9 White, it will make you feel like you are on vacation!

Featured Wine{s)

2017 9 White Spritz

While you're there ... Explore a collection of winemaking artifacts from 19th Century France guiding you through the evolution of the winemaking process in the Wine Museum.
Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery photo

3210 Staff Avenue



The VQeh! A Hogtown Classic Served Niagara-Style

“The VQeh!” takes the quintessential Canadian peameal bacon sandwich to the next level thanks to our friends at Smoke & Moonshine. Enjoy a tender, juicy, maple-smoked peameal bacon slider all dressed with a Chef Beth’s fixins’ and a side of slaw. Paired with our hearty 2017 Fancy Farm Girl Flamboyant Red cabernet blend, it’s a Hogtown classic served up Niagara-style.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Fancy Farm Girl Flamboyant Red

While you're there ... After sampling award-winning wine at the tasting bar, check out the landing strips at Ontario’s only fly-in winery.
Tawse Winery photo

3955 Cherry Avenue



Meatballs and Cab Franc… a match made in heaven!

Join us at Tawse Winery for a delicious Cumbrae Beef Slider prepared by Chef Sider of the Restaurant at Redstone perfectly paired with the 2015 Grower's Cab Franc.

Featured Wine{s)

2015 Grower's Cabernet Franc

While you're there ... Enjoy live music and a glass of wine in our beautiful Wine Garden, and don’t forget to say hello to our resident sheep.
Thirty Bench Wine Makers photo

4281 Mountainview Road



New Wines, Old Vines

Visit the newest addition to this discovery pass with some of the oldest vines. Pair Thirty Benches 2017 Winemaker’s Riesling with roasted garlic shrimp, pineapple couscous and sweet dill aioli while learning the history of their vines and enjoying their breathtaking view all the way to Toronto.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Winemaker’s Riesling

While you're there ... During your visit, head into the tasting room for a personalized seated tasting or join the Thirty Bench team for a hike through the vineyard.
Trius Winery & Restaurant photo

1249 Niagara Stone Road



Boomerangs and Burgers

Visit Niagara’s most Instagrammable estate and enjoy our award-winning 2016 Trius Red paired with Chef Dodd’s iconic Trius ribeye burger topped with Icewine onion jam. While you’re there, join The Trius Tour to snap some Insta-worthy pics before heading to Wayne Gretzky Estates for your next pairing.

Featured Wine{s)

2016 Trius Red

While you're there ... Stay a while and take a seat on the patio as you sip and savour your way through lunch or dinner or snap a few pics at Niagara’s most Instagrammable winery.
Vineland Estates Winery photo

3620 Moyer Road



Hang on to summer chill!

Not ready to give up summer? This “cool” salad will help you hang on to those last sunny days of the season! Charred corn and black bean salad topped with chili lime shrimp, garnished with house made guacamole and crisp yucca chips. We’ve paired it with our 2017 Semi-Dry Riesling - surely a way to keep those summer flavours alive for just a little longer!

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Semi-Dry Riesling

While you're there ... Enjoy a bit of Niagara’s history as you enter the 19th Century barn housing the tasting bar or heighten your wine tasting skills with a black glass tasting.
Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery photo

1219 Niagara Stone Road



A ‘Great’ Pairing

Come visit The Great One’s estate while savouring an equally great pairing; our 2017 Estate Series White paired with Chef Dodd’s own veggie samosas with chili pickle sauce. Make sure to check out our new Beer Garden before you walk over the bridge to Trius Winery for your next pairing.

Featured Wine{s)

2017 Estate Series White

While you're there ... Explore your five senses with a Sensory Lab tour where you’re be blindfolded and challenged to truly taste Niagara wine.
Niagara Grape & Wine Festival Montebello Park

Experience Canada’s largest wine festival at this six-day celebration of Niagara wine in historic Montebello Park in downtown St. Catharines. A celebration of Niagara and the bounty of harvest, this is the best party of the year, and a true showcase of all that the Region has to offer.